When you rent a car, the company needs to show you a receipt

Fox Sports reports that when you book a car rental in the United States, it needs to include a receipt for the car rental.

A receipt is a key piece of information that can show the car was rented and the date of rental.

It also gives a way for the company to know whether you paid a deposit for the rental.

However, if the rental company does not provide a receipt, then the car owner can sue the rental service.

According to Fox Sports, some rental companies charge a fee to cover the cost of a receipt.

Other rental companies may require the receipt to prove a reservation.

For example, a car-rental company might require the rental cardholder to sign the receipt when signing up for a car.

Some rental companies even require the cardholder’s name to be on the receipt.

If the rental does not require a receipt or the card holder’s name is not on the rental receipt, the rental may not be valid.

When booking a car in the U.S., you need to check the box on the confirmation page of the rental application that says you will be paid in cash or a credit card.

For some car rental companies, you may need to provide your driver’s license number or driver’s permit number if the company does have a driver’s licence number.

It is also important to check that the rental contract you sign with the rental agency is signed by a registered agent who has experience with car rental and the company will not refuse to rent to someone if they are not registered agents.

In some cases, the car company may require you to give the company your name and address.

However in others, you can simply provide the company with the address of the car you will use to rent.

If you do not provide the address, you will not be able to rent a vehicle and the rental agreement will be invalid.

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