Sydney home owner wants to replace his beloved Ferrari 458, says it was a ‘f****** joke’

Posted June 29, 2019 17:59:53 Sydney’s most recognisable car is in shambles after it was sold at auction for a record-breaking $14.5 million.

The sale of the $14 million Ferrari 458 was revealed on Friday, with a buyer claiming it was bought by an ‘extravagant’ client and the car was a “f******* joke”.

The sale also included the title of a “beautiful woman”, who was identified as “Jane” who bought the car in December 2016.

“I’m shocked, really,” Jane said in a statement.

“It’s a very special car.

She said she would like to sell it for a lot of money.”

Ms Jane said the seller “made a great deal” and she did not know if she was selling to the woman or not.

“This car was bought for $14,5 million at auction by Jane,” the statement read.

Ms James said the sale had “shocked and shocked” her.””

I am very shocked.”

Ms James said the sale had “shocked and shocked” her.

“It’s very hard to explain how you get your car and the money you’re getting from it,” she said.

“How you can get your house paid off and then suddenly find out you’re not entitled to that money.”

You feel a bit cheated.

It’s just a very sad story.

“Ms Joyce said she had spoken to Jane about the sale.”

She has contacted me to apologise, and she said she did contact me to tell me she was buying it for the right price, and I was wrong,” she told ABC Radio Sydney.

Ms Joyce is currently living in Australia, where she said the car had been bought.”

My life has been completely changed,” she added.”

We are living on the brink of bankruptcy.

“The auction, which took place in Melbourne, had been postponed after it came to light that the buyer had previously purchased the car.


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