Car rental Louisville gets new name

Car rental louiisville is getting a new name and it’s not a good one.

According to a news release from the Louisville City Council, the new name is called “Louisville Car Rentals” and is “based on the name of the company founded by Louis L. Williams Jr., the late founder of Louisville Car Rental.

The new name will replace the “Louisa” brand that is currently in use at the car rental center.

Williams Jr. was a prominent entrepreneur in Louisville during the 1950s and 1960s and had the business name Louisville Car Renters before moving to Dallas in 1970.

Louisville Car Raccoons is a Louisville-based company that owns and operates Louisville CarRental, the car sharing and leasing system that has been in operation since 2009.

In a news conference Tuesday night, Council member John C. Martin, a former mayor, said he is concerned about the new names.”

The new brand will not have a physical presence in Louisville. “

I don’t want to make any assumptions about the public at large that it’s a brand they’re unfamiliar with.”

The new brand will not have a physical presence in Louisville.

It will be run by a team of employees, according to the news release.

The Louisville City council also voted to approve a measure to provide for the transfer of ownership of the city to the city and county.

The council also approved a resolution to establish a task force to study the issue of car rental pricing and the effects of new car leasing on car rentals in Louisville and the surrounding areas.

Councilwoman Mary-Jo Todras, who chairs the task force, said the committee will report its findings in July.

Todras said she believes the council will act quickly to find a solution.

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