How the world’s biggest car rental companies got their start

Car rental companies like Carvana, Caravan and Caravan Direct were established in the early 2000s to cater to the burgeoning car rental industry.

But the rise of new technology like satellite technology, smart phones and cloud computing have made the car rental market more competitive than ever before.

Now, Carvana and Carvana Direct are now the most popular rental companies in Germany, with more than 300,000 customers.

“The market for rental cars has grown significantly in recent years.

Nowadays, a lot of new models and new brands come out,” says Carvana chief executive Christian Hörman.”

But there are still many owners who have been left out of the market, who don’t know that they can get the car they want for free or for a small amount,” he adds.

The company’s customers can use Carvana’s app, Carbo, which allows them to book their own rental.

“When we had the app we didn’t know if we were going to get the money we wanted, or we would have to pay a little bit extra,” Hörmann says.

But with the help of a growing online community, the Carbo app is now one of the most used car rental services in Germany.

It has also attracted interest from more traditional car rental providers, like Caravan, who are also looking for customers.

For Carvana customers, the app is a convenient way to book a car.

“We are able to book all kinds of cars, not just those that are new to us.

So when we book a new car we do not even need to ask anyone for their name and address,” Hörman explains.

The app also lets customers search for a rental vehicle online, as well as contact the company for additional information, like their car’s insurance.

“You can see a picture of the car, check its history and ask for other information, such as if it has been stolen or if it’s been damaged,” Hórman adds.

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