How to rent a car in Canada?

A new guide to finding a rental car in the country is coming soon, but you might want to check out what’s out there first before you do.

Car rental company CarRental Canada is introducing a new tool called CarRenters and Car Rental Rates that’s designed to help people find a good car rental deal, even if they don’t know exactly what they’re looking for.

The company has been working on the tool for more than a year, and it’s finally coming to Canada.

The new tool will be available on Tuesday, March 21.

You can check it out in the app for the first time here.

“The biggest challenge is trying to figure out what to do in a rental market where there’s so many things to do, there are so many choices,” said CarRenter’s CEO and co-founder, Michael Lippman.

“There are so much different things that are available.”

CarR Renters will help users pick a car they can afford, and then check out rental rates for cars available to rent in that city.

For example, in Calgary, there’s a minimum of two vehicles available, but there’s also a range of cars available.

“So we’re going to give you a list of the best deals on the car you want,” Lippsman said.

The tool will show you the car’s availability, price, fuel and other important information.

There’s also some fun trivia about the car and the rental company.

“It’s sort of like a Google map,” said Lipp, adding that you can search for a car by keyword and then look at the location of the car.

You’ll be able to click on the city’s name to see what car the car is available for.

If you’re interested in buying a car, you’ll also see the available car rentals for that city in the search results.

Lipp explained that the new tool is part of a larger effort to improve the rental experience in Canada.

“The rental industry has been struggling with the loss of the traditional car rental model, which has driven up prices, and has driven people out of the rental business,” he said.

“Now we are finally at a point where we have a model that is working for us.”

Lipp said he wants to see rental rates increase, as well as the number of car rentals in the market, but that he hopes the tool will also help people look for rental car deals.

“I’m excited about it,” he added.

“But at the same time, I’m also not sure it’s going to be perfect.”

Car R Renters is the brainchild of Lipp and his partner, Matt Fidler.

Fidlers is a Canadian who grew up in the United Kingdom and who went on to work in finance and finance management.

He’s also been working for the company since 2015.

In January, the company announced a new partnership with Lyft and the Canadian Auto Rental Association to bring the rental car market closer to the US.

Lizzer said the company plans to continue building the service and updating the tool to make it better, adding it’s a good time to update the rental market.

“We’re still looking for some great deals,” he continued.

“This is just the beginning.

This is the first step in what’s going.

We’ll see what happens with that.”

Car Renters said it’s already receiving more than 10,000 submissions and that they plan to launch the new service in Canada later this year.

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