Uber, Lyft to open ‘autonomous taxi’ in India

Uber, one of the largest ride-hailing companies in the world, has announced plans to start a car rental service in India.

The company, which launched in India in 2017, has been expanding into other markets in Asia, with a focus on urban areas, according to Uber India president Rajan Singhal.

The new service will offer “autonomous taxis” for hire, where the driver will operate independently and with “flexibility” to offer services in any city in India, Singhal told the Financial Times.

The move comes after Uber launched its own autonomous taxi service in New York earlier this year, with an estimated 100,000 users.

The taxi service has attracted a large number of Uber passengers, which is what the company hopes will attract more drivers in the country.

The service will be available on an app called UberCab, which has more than 3.3 million active users in India alone.

Singhal added that Uber’s autonomous taxi initiative has received support from the government and local government.

The autonomous taxi feature will also offer the option of paying for rides with cash, and will allow users to make reservations through Uber, the company said.

The app will also allow users “to access other services through the Uber app and our own platform.”

Uber has been growing in India as it expands into new markets, and it has also invested heavily in India’s ride-sharing market.

Uber is one of India’s largest ride services and its app has more users than the entire population of India.

In India, Uber has an estimated 2 million registered drivers and 1 million drivers using the app.

However, Uber is struggling to find drivers in many cities, and the company is also facing criticism from local government officials and politicians.

The government in New Delhi recently ordered Uber to provide proof of identity and provide information on the number of drivers and their locations, in an effort to crack down on the company.

Uber has also been criticized by politicians and politicians for charging fares that are higher than the market rate.

The country has also taken steps to curb the use of Uber by allowing the service to only operate in designated places.

However the company has faced a number of legal issues, including allegations of illegal operations.

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