How to book a car rental in Baltimore, Memphis and other cities

Car rental app CarRental is expanding the search for car rentals in Memphis, Baltimore and elsewhere in the region.

The company said Thursday it has partnered with local transportation agencies to offer a new feature called CarRent.

CarRide users can search for a car, car rental agency, hotel and car rental center in the same app.

Users can then choose from a variety of car rental locations, including gas stations, car rentals and private motels.

The new CarRrent feature is available in Memphis and the region across several states, including Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, Louisiana, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, Virginia and Washington.

“This is a major advancement for the entire Memphis area,” CarRenter said in a statement.

“We’re very excited to work with local and regional transportation agencies in the areas of transportation, safety, and convenience to provide Memphisites with affordable car rental options.”

The Memphis Area Chamber of Commerce and Memphis Mayor Mike Bellotti joined with CarRate on the launch.

“The Memphis area is the envy of the country and CarRance is the premier Memphis rental app,” Mayor Bellotti said in the statement.

The Memphis area Chamber of Business and the Mayor of Memphis, Mike Bellot, joined the car rental industry’s effort to bring the convenience of car rentals to the Memphis area.

The car rental company said it plans to add additional locations throughout the region in the coming months.

“CarRental was founded in 2014, and we’ve grown into a national leader in the auto rental market,” Car Rental CEO and president of marketing and communications Chris Graziano said in an email.

“With CarRage, we’re expanding the car sharing platform to new cities around the world.”

The company has partnered up with CarShare, a car sharing service in Austin, Texas, and is expanding CarRapture, its mobile app for car rental drivers.

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