The most expensive car rental site in the UK

A new study has found that car rental sites in Britain have the most expensive rental prices in the world.

The study, published in the journal Global Value, looked at data from the Car Rental Industry Association (CARIA), a trade group for the industry, which claims that its members charge an average of £4,000 per car.

The CARIA claims that the average rental price for cars in Britain is $15,000.

The research also looked at car rental websites in Europe and the US.

CARIA is an industry-led trade association that provides data and expertise to the UK car rental industry.

The survey found that the UK’s largest rental companies – iCar, RentRite, and Rental Car – charge the highest average prices, while smaller companies like charge between £5 and £10 per rental.

The average rental for cars was £4.90 in the United Kingdom.

The UK average price for a single car is £23,400.

A car rental company is usually a company with more than 1,000 car listings in the country, but that doesn’t mean it’s the cheapest.

It is the most common rental, with the average price set at £25,000 for a 2-bedroom. charges between £10 and £15 per rental, while is the second cheapest.

The largest companies are iCar and RentRate.

There are a number of car rental companies in the US, but the US is the cheapest place to rent a car.

A 1-bedroom car for £18,000 in the Bay Area is £22,000 elsewhere.

The UK average cost for a car is $18,700 in the USA.

That’s about £9,600 higher than in the U.K. In the US and the U, the average cost is $17,700.

The US average cost of a car in the last five years is $25,600.

In Europe, the UK average is $14,700, the highest in the developed world.

In China, it’s $16,900.

Car rentals in the UAE are cheaper than in Britain, but still expensive compared to other European countries.

Car rentals in Belgium are $1,000 cheaper than the UK, while in France, they’re $2,500 cheaper.

The cheapest car rental in the EU is in Spain, where the average is £2,000 less than the average in the other EU countries.

In France, the cheapest rental is in Paris, with an average price of £8,000 a month.

In Denmark, it is £5,000 lower than the U’s average, but it is the highest rental in Denmark.

In Germany, the most affordable rental is the one in Frankfurt, which is around £1,600 cheaper than other rental sites.

“The UK is in a good position to be the leader in terms of car rentals, but we still have some work to do to keep up with the pace of the competition,” said David Goulson, senior research manager at CARIA.

In the US – where the car rental market is growing at a fast pace – the US average car rental cost is about $15 the most.

In other words, in the first five years of this century, the US has had a $1 trillion market for rental cars.

The same market in Germany is worth about $9 billion.

Britain’s average rental cost for cars is still much higher than other countries.

The EU average rental costs are about $7,000, while the UK is only $2.

UK car rental prices are more expensive than in other European markets, including France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Sweden, and Switzerland.

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