When Expedia won’t let you rent cars with your phone

Expedia will no longer let you book cars through its mobile app after a series of changes it made to the program last week, including allowing users to add up to 100 cars to their rental account at a time.

The company told Business Insider that it made the changes after it received more than a dozen complaints about its car booking app, including a few from users who claimed they were unable to book cars with their smartphones.

“The goal is to make it easier for users to book, and it’s a difficult process,” the company told BI.

Expedia also told BI that the change was a result of feedback it received from customers who were unhappy with the mobile app.

But it said that the app is “designed for a wider audience, so we don’t want to alienate users who are interested in using the app in the future.”

Expedia has had a rough few months.

On Wednesday, the company filed for bankruptcy protection in California and closed its US office after it filed for Chapter 11 protection in December.

The decision means that Expedia is no longer a primary provider of travel services in the United States.

The change means that users who want to book a car through the app can now do so via their smartphones, but Expedia now has to allow users to select a number of vehicles they want to rent through the mobile site, which will then be assigned a “market” based on their smartphone.

The car booking site allows users to make a reservation, enter the price, and then select a car from their smartphone, which can then be reserved.

Expandais also now requires users to give their phones number to reserve their car.

The new system also allows users who have a credit card to book and pick up their rental car.

Expanderas chief financial officer Mark Ritchie said that Expandera was making the changes to ensure that users are getting a fair deal.

“We want users to be able to book their cars through our app and we want to make sure that users know what to expect, because that’s how they can get the most value out of their car rental experience,” Ritchie told BI in an interview.

The move follows a string of controversial moves by Expedia.

Last month, Expedia suspended two of its popular car rental programs after it found that they were not meeting the company’s quality standards.

“If the company had been willing to make these changes and improve its services, Expanderat the same time, we would have made the same changes,” Ritzer said.

We were going make these necessary changes to make our service work better.””

So it wasn’t really that we were going to change things.

We were going make these necessary changes to make our service work better.”

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