How to get the hottest new car rentals in Newark

Newark, NJ – For the uninitiated, cars can be a lot of fun to drive, especially in the summer months when they are easy to find and relatively cheap.

But they can also be pretty noisy.

If you’re like me, you’re always looking for the perfect car rental in Newark, NJ.

Luckily, there’s a lot to choose from.

Below are the top car rental and car rental places in Newark for summer, as well as the most popular locations for car rentals and car rentals places.

If the location is not listed, check out our Newark Car Rental Locations article.

The following is a list of car rental locations and car reservation options for the Newark area.

If any of these locations is not in the Newark listings, you can always call the number on the car reservation form or go to the Newark location listed below to book. 

For the latest information on Newark car rentals, please check out the Newark Business & Financial Services Facebook page. 


CarRentalNJ Newark (Meadowsville) A car rental company that serves the Newark market, CarRentNJ is owned by a couple who are looking to expand.

They are a car rental startup that was founded by Matt and Amy Miller in 2016. 

CarRent NJ Newark is owned and operated by Matt Miller, Amy Miller and John Stokes.

They serve the Newark, New Jersey area and the surrounding areas of Trenton and Bergen Counties. 

The location is located at 17 Meadowville Road, Newark, DE 19813, and is only a short walk from the Newark subway station and the Newark airport. 


CarShark Newark (Downtown) CarShark is a car leasing company that has been around for years in the City of Newark.

They provide car rental services to the City.

They have a car reservation system and have been in operation since 2017. 


RentalBond Newark (The Bayside) This car rental is owned, operated and operated at this location.

They rent cars in the Baysides, the Newark and Trenton areas. 


CarWash Newark (Wilmington) Owned by the Newark City Council, Car Wash is owned in part by the city of Newark, and the car rental companies at Car Wash are owned by the City, the NJDOT and the Rutgers University. 


Baysville CarRays Newark (Lakeside)This car booking site is owned entirely by the car booking company at Bays and Newark.

It is located in the Lakeside area of Newark and is very popular for car rental. 


CarTray Newark (Newark)This is a great car rental location.

Car Tow is owned at this car rental site, and they have car rental available to Newark. 


CarNerd Newark (Arlington Heights) Located in the Arlington Heights area of the Newark city, Car Nerd Newark is a good car rental place. 


CarNation Newark (East Orange) You can find great car rentals at this Newark car rental website.

They offer car rental at Newark and East Orange. 


Carshark Newark (Trenton)  This Newark car booking website is owned by Car Shark, which is owned jointly by CarNation and CarNation Properties. 


Car Rent Newark  (Middletown)  You can find the best Newark car renting locations in the Middleton area. 


Carshare Newark  This Newark car reservation site is a part of the Carshare group. 


CarCity Newark A Newark car leasing website.

Car City Newark is located at 25 W. Newark Ave. 


CarStar Newark This is the car leasing location of Car Star Newark.

Car Star is located near the Newark Airport and the Jersey City Airport. 


CarGard Newark The Newark location is a small rental car rental agency that offers car rental to Newark and the area surrounding Newark.15.

CarLite Newark CarLite is a Newark car hire service.

They service the Newark East Village and the areas surrounding Newark and Camden. 


LuxuryCar Newark LuxeCar Newark is the luxury car rental rental company in the Jersey city. 

17. Schedules Sleek Newark  This is a well known Newark car sharing site.

They can help you find car rentals. 


Camden Car Rides Camdale Car Riders is owned-operated by a group of Newark residents and Newarkers.

They own and operate the Newark CarRiders location in Camden, NJ, which has been in existence since 2014. 


Pawnee Car Ramps Paw Paw Car Ramp is a local car rental service. 


Park Car Racks

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