Man rents a Tesla for a month

A Tesla owner in California took advantage of the availability of a car rental company and bought a brand new Model S P85D for $24,000 in March.

The car’s $37,000 price tag was a far cry from the $50,000 that a new Toyota Camry typically retails for, but for the first time in months, a Tesla owner can actually get around Los Angeles with a car.

“I don’t think the car is a luxury item,” the owner, who asked not to be identified, told the Los Angeles Times.

“It’s more of a practicality thing.

I have two kids, so I really want them to have a car, and I really like that.”

In addition to the car, the owner rented the car for $9,000, but he told the Times that the car has been mostly used for a few days, but the car’s owner, whose name was withheld, told him it was worth it for the trip.

“That’s the first Tesla I’ve ever driven,” he said.

“For a few hundred bucks, I was able to experience the city.

I was not expecting it to be as good as it was.”

The owners rental car was rented out by a company called RentBuddy, and they had a few hours to drive around before they had to cancel their reservation.

“There were a couple of problems with the car,” the man told the newspaper.

“First, it was not the right size for me, and secondly, it had a cracked windshield.

So I took a ride in it, and it was really, really, very bad.”

The owner says he had the car inspected, and he says the car had only just been installed.

“The car had been sitting for a week, and that was a long time ago,” he told ABC News.

“If I hadn’t taken the car to the dealership and bought it, I would have had it sitting there for a while, so they could repair it.”

RentBudys owners say they’re pleased with the Tesla’s performance.

“We’re super happy with our new Tesla, and we think we’ve improved on the car over the past few years,” RentBuds owner Robert said.

He added that the Tesla is not a luxury car, but that it does have a lot of value.

“You get a great value for your money,” he added.

“And I love my kids, I love them, and the fact that they can get around the city and do what they want to do and I’m happy about that.”

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