How to get your car rental done in Israel

A car rental agency in Israel is offering a service that is expected to become increasingly popular in the country as Israel ramps up efforts to combat pollution, according to its CEO.

Israel’s pollution problem is so severe that the country’s government has launched a nationwide air quality monitoring program, but the number of cars on the road has not kept pace.

The Israeli Air Force is now testing out a program to provide private car rental agencies with air monitoring data for every car it drives in the nation, according the Jerusalem Post.

The program, called AirLink, allows car rental companies to track the pollution levels of every car they lease, and also provide data to the government, such as the car’s odometer reading.

AirLink has been tested in Israel and Israel’s neighboring Palestinian territories, and the service has become popular among Israeli car rental customers.

“The idea behind the AirLink service is to give us a unique data point for our customers and to show the extent of the pollution in the air,” said Shlomo Rosenfeld, CEO of the Jerusalem-based Car Rentals International.

“It also gives us a way to know where we’re going and to keep an eye on the pollution.”

The service is offered by the Car Renters Association of Israel, which is part of the Israeli Civil Administration.

Rosenfeld said the program is aimed at providing a convenient way for people to get their car rental needs met, while also improving air quality in the Israeli capital.

Rosenfeld said he’s seen a decrease in pollution levels in recent months.

“We’ve seen that the pollution is lower than before the pollution started to come down,” he said.

According to the Israeli Air Forces, air pollution in Israel’s capital has declined to a record low.

The country’s pollution levels have dropped from an average of 2,000 to less than 700 micrograms per cubic meter, which Rosenfeld says is about 10 percent lower than the levels of a year ago.

Israeli officials have said that the government has not seen any noticeable impact on traffic congestion and other daily concerns in the capital. 

Rosenfeld said that when he took over as CEO of Car Rentings International in 2016, the company was focused on getting cars and vans rented in Israel.

While Rosenfeld is bullish on the business of car rental in Israel, he said that there are still challenges in the way that car rental operators are working with the country.

For example, Car Renting International has not always had a good relationship with local authorities, he told the Jerusalem Examiner.

“This is not a new thing.

This has been going on for decades, and it’s not going to change anytime soon,” Rosenfeld explained.

But Rosenfeld has not ruled out the possibility that he could see the country turning to a government program similar to AirLink.

This could come at a cost to Car Rent

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