When a car rental company won’t let you book a car with them


— A man who says he has been waiting for more than five years to book a rental car in New York City says he’s now being turned away because of the company’s policy against renting cars through the internet.

“I don’t feel like they care about my business,” said the man, who would only identify himself as Tom.

“They’re not doing anything about it.”

Tom, who owns a car-rental company called CarRentalBerkeley, has been trying to book an SUV in New Jersey for several years and says he was turned away for not being a registered New Jersey resident.

“There are no restrictions on the internet,” Tom told ABC News.

“It’s just that the company has no business there, no license to operate, no business permits, no permits.”

“They don’t even have any permits for that, so you have to go to the DMV and get them.

And then you have no way to prove your ownership of the vehicle, so that’s a very, very frustrating process.”

Tom says he tried calling the company but was told that he has to fill out a form to prove he owns the car and then submit it to the company to get a license to use the internet to book the vehicle.

“We don’t have the same access to the internet that we do with the phone, and we can’t get the information from the car rental companies,” he said.

“I’m not even sure if they even have the database that I need to know what I’m paying for.”

Tom’s business, CarRentersBerkeley (CRB), is the only company in the country that can book a vehicle through the car sharing service Lyft, according to Tom.

He says that in addition to being able to book rental vehicles, the company can also book car-sharing trips, which can cost up to $200 a trip.

“It’s a really great service,” he added.

“You can book up to 15 people for a trip that you can rent for $200 or $300 a day.

And it’s super convenient.

I’ve been doing that for years and it’s a great way to get around New York.”

But the rental company Tom works for refuses to allow him to book any of his trips on the company website.

“They do not allow it, but I have the internet address of the car company,” Tom said.

The company’s website says, “If you’re not a resident of New Jersey, you may not be able to access this service.”

“It does not allow you to rent a car through the website,” Tom added.

“But they do allow you through the site, and I have to log in to access the website.

And the website is not even online, it’s just a placeholder until I can get a phone number to get the actual information I need,” Tom explained.

Tom says that he is now turning to the online booking service Airbnb.

The company, which also has its own website, says, the rental system allows you to book for up to seven people for up-to-seven-days rental for a total of $2,000.

But Airbnb also does not offer the option to book rentals through its website.

Airbnb says it does not provide the option for the customer to log into the website to book cars, but does allow the customer access to a booking tool.

“For us, we do not provide a service that enables a customer to rent the vehicle through their website,” Airbnb spokesperson Amanda Schmiedek told ABCNews.

“We do provide a website where a customer can book for a vehicle for the cost of the trip and we have the option of booking the vehicle via our website or via the app.”

Airbnb says it will work with the New Jersey Department of Transportation to review Tom’s claims.

“While the DMV will investigate this claim and any other complaints, we will work closely with the DMV to ensure our drivers have a safe and comfortable environment,” Airbnb said in a statement.

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