Hawaii Gov. David Ige backs Senate bill that would legalize the use of drones

Hawaii Gov, David Iges, has joined a bipartisan group of lawmakers in support of Senate Bill 9, a bill that the state’s attorney general is calling a “historic victory” for privacy rights.

The bill would allow people to take off and land drones on private property without a permit, which the governor is saying would allow more transparency in the use and sharing of data.

Ige, who is also a member of the Senate Judiciary Committee, said he believes the bill “sets the standard” for how we can protect our privacy and ensure that our government agencies can use the tools necessary to protect us.

Ige told Hawaii News Now that the bill is not meant to be a panacea, but a starting point.

Iges said he is pleased the legislation is being debated in the Legislature.

“It will help us get this right,” he said.

The House and Senate have not scheduled a vote for the bill.

Iges said the bill, which was introduced last month, is “not a blanket surveillance bill.

It is not a blanket spying bill.

We are going to keep our eyes open, and we are going a step further.”

The legislation has been called the “first comprehensive privacy law in the nation,” which includes provisions that allow the state to collect and store information on individuals without a warrant and allows law enforcement agencies to collect personal data from people on private land.

The legislation is a key component of a broader bill the governor signed last year to allow Hawaii to become a “sanctuary state” by expanding protections for the state from deportation.

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