How to rent a ride on the Moon: Orbitz

Orbitz is an internet-based rental company that rents out space-bound rides to individuals who are not space-qualified.

This week, the company announced that its latest round of funding raised a record $1.8 billion in a Series B round led by a consortium of investors led by New Enterprise Associates.

“Space is a growing industry, and we’re excited about the potential of this funding to help drive it,” said John Walker, CEO of Orbitz.

“It’s exciting that this round of venture capital will help us accelerate the space economy and help make the world a more attractive place to live.”

Orbitz will provide space-certified rides for individuals who have no previous experience in the industry, a rarity for a company like Orbitz that is based in San Francisco.

The company will not be offering any space-worthy rides on its service, but instead will provide short-term space-available rides in an attempt to get people out of their comfort zones.

The startup will also be partnering with several other startups to build space-ready, space-compatible rides.

In addition to Orbitz, the new funding includes a group of companies led by Citi Ventures, DigitalGlobe Ventures, and the Founders Fund.

The group is led by John Walker and David Shumaker, who will be co-founders of Orbit’s new business.

Orbitz said it will continue to invest in new technologies to make the space industry more accessible to people.

“This investment will allow us to continue to grow the market for accessible space-based rides,” said Orbitz CEO John Walker.

“We’re also excited to continue expanding our services and making our services more accessible.”

Orbit’s first ride will be a ride that will take riders to a landing site in the Moon, which has a surface temperature of -140 degrees Celsius.

The Lunar Express, which will take passengers on the ride, is scheduled to launch in 2018.

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