Which Newark Cars Renters Should You Get?

Newark, NJ — February 13, 2018 — Car rental company Carpool Newark has been awarded the prestigious “Best New Jersey Car Renters” award from the “Car Renters of America” for its new “Carpool Newark” app.

The award comes at a time when many of the major car rental companies in the city are struggling to survive the rise in competition and consumer spending.

The app, launched last week, offers a car rental experience for the first time in Newark.

The app allows customers to select a vehicle and then schedule their own car rental.

Carpool is partnering with two local car rental shops, and they are currently working on adding more cars and additional services to the app.

Carrentals run from $1.95 an hour to $6.95 for the week, and it is free to book an appointment.

Carpool New Jersey said it plans to add new car rental services to its app soon, but they are not yet available for Newark.

For the most current information, visit carpoolnewark.com.

Carrentals in Newark are currently being offered by the car rental company, Carpool, which has partnered with two car rental businesses, the Carpool NYC and the Carrents of America.

CarPool Newark, the app’s launch partner, said it has had some challenges in getting the car pool to work well.

“We have been in the carpool industry for 15 years, and we have a lot of success with it,” said Carpool founder and CEO Andrew Smeets.

“I’m very proud of what we’ve been able to accomplish.”

Smeets said the CarPool app has been “quite popular” with car rental customers.

“They are very excited to have this app and the experience it provides,” he said.

Car rental companies have struggled in the Newark market in recent years, as many businesses are trying to survive off of the city’s high property taxes.

Newark has one of the highest property taxes in the state of New Jersey, and Carpool estimates it will cost the city $2 billion in tax revenues in 2020.

The Newark city council last month voted to approve $1 million in city revenue to help offset the tax increase, and the city has agreed to waive some of the property taxes that the tax increases will increase.

Carpenters, mechanics, and other workers are expected to see an increase in wages in Newark this year as they work overtime and on-call.

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