How to find an affordable car rental in Boston

When it comes to finding a rental car, Bostonians can often get stuck in traffic.

But the city’s transportation department says there are many options for finding a new car.

The Boston Public Transportation Commission is taking the next step and offering a free, easy-to-use app that connects drivers and renters in the city.

The app lets you check availability, schedule a time, and get a quote.

The app has the same interface as the Boston Taxi app, but it has a few things in common: It’s free, it doesn’t require a credit card, and it lets you find a car in less than a minute.

The commission hopes the app will be a tool for those looking for affordable car rentals.

“It’s an app that’s easy to use, easy to find, easy for the person who is trying to find a rental vehicle,” said commissioner Kevin Kennedy.

“If you have a car, you can make that decision on your own time.

It’s the most efficient way to do it.”

Here are some of the options for car rental rentals in Boston:For $15, users can check availability and schedule a rental.

To get a rental quote, users enter their zip code and their phone number.

The service then displays an on-screen quote.

It will give the number to the driver and a quote for the time.

The agency says the app is compatible with any smartphone or tablet with a GPS location.

The new app also allows users to see whether the car is available in the same ZIP code.

It’ll display that info, along with the cost of the rental.

It also includes a “find a car” option, so you can choose to call or email the driver to let them know your location.

In Boston, there are about 10,000 cars that are available for rent.

But most of those are owned by small companies that have only a few drivers, like taxi drivers.

The city’s commission estimates that roughly 80% of the cars that people rent are owned and operated by the small firms, meaning that many of them are not available for people who don’t own their cars.

Kennedy said that it’s important to be able to make the right choice for your own car.

“The majority of renters in Boston have cars that they rent for personal reasons,” he said.

“But if you’re renting for the job and you don’t have a vehicle, you should still call the person that owns the vehicle, and say, ‘Can you lend me your car?'”

For a car rental quote that works for you, click here for the app’s full listing of available car rentals in the Boston area.

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