5 reasons why Moab rental is a winner

For a $5 fee, you can book a car rental from Moab, Utah. 

The rental car is a four-door sedan that can take up to a dozen passengers. 

You pay the rental car driver the full amount for the trip and a $100 tip. 

That’s how you can save money and make the most of the rental.

The Moab-based rental company, RentRates, has been a popular option for tourists and travelers for more than a decade. 

For many travelers, Moab is their first stop on their road trip or their first visit to Utah.

For some, it’s a place to relax and catch up on the latest movie and music.

For others, it provides the perfect destination to spend a day in the desert. 

Rental car rental websites such as RentRamps and Rental Car Rental have a strong following among travelers and travelers. 

In 2017, the company reported an additional $8.4 million in revenue. 

However, some critics say the rental companies are just using the rental industry to maximize their profits. 

One company that has been targeted by critics is RentRides, a company that claims to have been a pioneer in the rental-car industry and is one of the largest in the U.S. Critics say the company is simply exploiting the rental market to boost its own profits.

“RentRates has been using the same tactics they’ve been doing for decades, targeting tourists and the general public,” said Mark Cappelli, a spokesman for the American Civil Liberties Union of Utah.

“They’re using a loophole in the law to make as much money as possible.” 

Cappelli said the company has been selling rental car permits that they claim are for “commercial vehicles” and not for “tourists.” 

“That’s just not the case,” he said.

“The law requires rental car companies to have rental permits, and that’s the only reason why RentRays is still operating,” he continued. 

When it comes to what’s legal, critics say, the rental company has no business being selling rental permits that do not exist. 

“We don’t want any rental company that’s actually operating illegally,” said David Sorenson, a former Utah Attorney General who is now a policy advisor to the ACLU. 

But the company’s opponents say the law is being used to force companies to operate legally. 

Sorenson said the law needs to be clarified. 

A bill passed by the Utah Legislature last year would allow rental car rental companies to issue rental permits only if the company meets certain criteria. 

And the law requires companies to provide detailed information about their vehicles, including how many passengers are on board and how much the vehicle is expected to cost.

“There are rules that must be followed to maintain safety and meet all the requirements for operating a rental car company, and the bill should clarify those requirements,” said Cappellis, of the ACLU of Utah, adding that there is a “real danger” of rental companies being exploited.

“It’s an abuse of the law.

If the bill is passed, there is no way it will be enforced.”

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