‘This is our country’: Trump calls for a halt to the refugee program

WASHINGTON — President Donald Trump on Thursday called on Congress to halt the resettlement of Syrian refugees in the United States, a policy that could cost taxpayers millions of dollars.

The president’s call came amid growing concerns that the U.S. could not safely house the growing number of refugees entering the country, which he vowed to build a wall along the U to stop the flow.

“This is not America,” Trump said during a visit to the Capitol.

Trump said he will announce a series of policy changes, including the lifting of some restrictions on refugees who have already entered the country and ending a ban on travel to the U from seven Muslim-majority countries. “

Our people, our communities and our values are under attack and I want to see this stopped.”

Trump said he will announce a series of policy changes, including the lifting of some restrictions on refugees who have already entered the country and ending a ban on travel to the U from seven Muslim-majority countries.

“We’re not going to allow any more refugees,” he said.

Trump has not announced any specific policy changes for Syrian refugees, including whether he will ease or lift the restrictions on their entry.

The White House did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

The resettlement program for Syrian refugee children, parents and families began in 2011.

It has grown from 1,500 refugees to more than 2,500 people this year.

The refugee program has been criticized by human rights groups, who say that it allows individuals from the Syrian war-torn country to enter the U., and it is being used to facilitate terrorism.

In an interview with ABC News in May, Trump said that he would suspend the refugee resettlement program “if it comes down to it.”

“We are not going, we are not accepting people, we will not accept people from Syria,” Trump told ABC’s “This Week.”

“I mean, you have people coming in with families, people that have kids, who have a grandchild.

We are not getting rid of them, but we will stop the program.”

But in a press conference in May after his election, Trump did not mention any specific changes.

“I think it’s a shame,” Trump declared.

“If I’m elected president, I will stop it.”

Trump also called for a pause on the resettlement program in the wake of the Paris attacks, saying it was not being handled well by the State Department.

“Paris was an amazing thing,” he told reporters.

“You know, Paris was one of the great cities in the world.

He added: “We cannot allow that to happen.” “

But the State Departments leadership in Paris is not doing the right thing.”

He added: “We cannot allow that to happen.”

Trump was asked whether he believes Syrian refugees should be resettled in the U, but he said he does not.

“No, I do not,” he responded.

“They should not be resented.

They should be welcomed.”

In a press statement, the State Deregulation Office said the resettlement is not being administered in a manner that is “efficient or consistent with U. S. policy.”

“While the Deregenation Office has a long history of working with States to provide for the needs of their citizens, the resettlement has become a controversial issue in recent years as the DAS has become involved in decisions about resettling refugees from Syria.

The DAS and its agencies have a responsibility to ensure that all refugees are not turned away or are denied entry to the United State,” the DAs statement said.

“A number of resettlement efforts, including for Syrian nationals, have been blocked by the courts and the Obama administration.”

“The resettlement of refugees from a conflict zone is fraught with complications and concerns and is an inherently difficult endeavor,” the statement said, adding that the State’s “current approach has not met the needs and desires of the people we are assisting and that’s why we are taking a different approach.”

“This Administration has been clear on the necessity of resettlements and we will continue to do so.

The Administration will continue its efforts to protect the American people and their values from those who seek to harm them and to bring harm to our Country.”

On Thursday, the Department of Homeland Security said it is “reviewing the matter” with State Department officials.

The agency’s Director of the Office of Refugee Resettlement, Jennifer Lee, said in a statement that “there is no plan to resettle Syrian refugees until the United Nations Security Council has a chance to consider these important and sensitive questions.”

The agency said that the department is “working with States, local governments, faith-based organizations, and other stakeholders to implement the resettlement plan that is in place and to provide the support needed to ensure the safety and security of U. States citizens and lawful permanent residents.”

The statement said the department has not

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